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August 7, 2017
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The distance you carry the ball, during your chips and pitches, is just as important as the how far it rolls to it’s target. Whether chipping from the fringe or hitting a pitch shot over a bunker, learning your carry distances will improve your understanding of how the ball reacts with the club and sharpen your short game.

Required Equipment:
– Golf Balls
– Favorite Short Game Clubs (Bring Multiple)
– Flagging Tape (can be replaced by chalk, tees or alignment rods)
– Tees

Set Up:
Create 1 to 2 yard wide distance zones with the flagging tape. I recommend creating 3 to 5 distances, based on how much space you have. Use golf tees to hold down the flagging tape. I recommend that you have some type of final target beyond the distance zones. While it is not the primary focus of the drill, it can be a nice reference point. It can be anything from a tee to a hole.

The focus of this drill is to learn how flying the ball different distances effects the roll out of the ball. With each of the clubs you selected, start by carrying the ball into the closest zone and continue hitting shots forward and back. It is important to pay attention to how the ball reacts with the green on each shot. As you begin to feel comfortable hitting shots different distances, begin to experiment with different types of swings (bump & runs, pitch shots or flop shots). By learning how far you need to carry the ball with different short game shots, you will boost your confidence in your short game and improve the accuracy of your pitch and chip shots.

If you do not have a green to practice with, you can practice your distances in a fairway or backyard. You will not be able to observe the ball rolling, you can still practice your distance control. With a partner, you can use the distance zones to play games by creating a point system to play 21 or by playing H.O.R.S.E.

By Peter Weisel