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August 6, 2017
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It is no secret that not all golfers enjoy practicing their short game. Some find it tedious and others find it boring compared to the golf course or driving range. Unfortunately for them, time spent practicing the short game is required to improve your performance on the course. Thankfully, if you play games, short game practice does not have to be boring. The easiest way to enjoy short game practice is to find a friend to practice with. Having a friend to talk to or play games against will easily increase your enjoyment of practice by adding both social and competitive elements to your practice sessions. This will put a little pressure on your game and help you transfer your game to the course. Here are a few games golfers of all ages can play to make practice more fun!

9 Hole Up and Down
Game: Play 9 holes of up and down to practice on course situations. This allows students to keep track of their short game progress.
Options: Players can compete against each other or as individuals. This game can be played with an infinite number of players. The game can be shortened to fewer holes to accommodate for time constraints.
Supplies: A club to chip, a putter and a golf ball.

Game: Play a two-person game of tic-tack-toe with a large board on a putting green. Each square is roughly 4 sq ft. Players putt from 10ft to 20ft away from the board. This will help with aim and distance control.
Options: You can also play Tic-Tack-Toe by chipping.
Supplies: Twine or Flagging Tape, Golf tees, Putters

Closest to the Pin
Game: Choose one club for everyone to hit and play closest to the pin with different short game shots. Make sure to not repeat any shots back to back.
Options: Hit chips, pitches and bunker shots from all types of lies. Make sure to practice bad lies so you are prepared for the golf course.
Supplies: Clubs and golf balls.

Up and Down Contest With One Club
Game: Play an up and down competition with one club. You can choose any club in your bag, but you have to chip and putt with that one club. Play as many holes as you and your friend see fit, but I recommend playing at least 5 holes. When putting with a wedge or iron, make sure to strike the equator of the ball with the blade of your club. This will help your strike consistency with your putter.
Options: Players can use any club in their bag. Play medal play or match play.
Supplies: Golf balls and clubs.

Back and Forth Putting
Game: This is a two person putting game that can only be played on a practice putting green with multiple holes. Competitors stand next to two holes that are between 10 and 30 feet apart. Roll putts at each other’s hole. When someone makes a putt, switch holes and begin putting again. I suggest playing until someone reaches a score of 5. This is a great game for practicing putting more aggressively. It makes you concentrate on making putts.
Options: If both competitors make their putts at the same time, you can allow both of them to count or have them cancel each other out.
Supplies: Putters, two balls and two holes